Our Courses

Foundation Course in Music Production

Welcome to our Foundation Course in Music Production, where you'll have the unique opportunity to learn from accomplished music producers who have worked with some of the most well-known musicians in the industry. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with all the skills necessary to create a song from scratch, including the fundamentals of music production and recording techniques.

  • Intro to Logic Pro X

  • Understanding Rhythm

  • Shaping Rhythm from different genres

  • Overview of Music Theory

  • Sound Design

  • EQ

  • Compressor

  • Reverbs, Delay & Echo

  • Virtual Software

  • Art of Mixing


6 weeks
Classes will be 2 days per week for 2 hours



Intermediate Course in Music Production

We are thrilled to welcome you to our Intermediate Course in Music Production and Recording, where you will gain a complete understanding of the process of composing and producing a finished song. This course has been thoughtfully designed to elevate your production skills and add a sense of professionalism and depth to your tracks. Our goal is to guide you towards creating a fully-realized composition that is ready for release. Through this course, you will gain valuable knowledge and experience in music production and recording, and develop a deeper understanding of the creative and technical aspects of the process. By the end of the course, you will have produced your very own track, showcasing your newly developed skills and creativity. We are excited to support you in your journey and help you achieve your goals in music production and recording.

  • Intro to Logic Pro X

  • Learning Rhythm from Different genres

  • In depth in Music Theory

  • Advance Sound Design

  • Writing a song

  • Composing for Films

  • Master Class

  • Analogue Hardware

  • Recording Drums

  • Vocals tuning

  • Comping, Edit, and Flex

  • Creative Mixing

  • Creative Mixing

  • Music Industry


12 weeks
Classes will be 2 days per week for 2 hours



Foundation Program in Guitar

Welcome to our course on guitar playing, taught by a team of highly skilled and experienced professional faculties. Through this course, you will have the opportunity to learn and develop your guitar playing skills, and gain the ability to play any song by ear. Our expert faculties will provide personalized instruction and feedback, helping you to progress in your guitar playing at a pace that suits you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, this course is designed to help you hone your skills and expand your knowledge of guitar playing. Join us in this exciting learning journey, and unlock your full potential as a guitarist!

  • Contact us to know more


6 weeks
Classes will be 2 days per week for 1 hours



Fee (including Recording)


Intermediate program in Guitar

Welcome to our professional guitar playing course, where you will learn the skills and techniques to play guitar at a high level. Our course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of guitar playing, covering a wide range of topics including music theory, chord progressions, strumming and fingerpicking techniques, and more. Our experienced and skilled instructors will guide you every step of the way, providing personalized feedback and instruction to help you achieve your goals as a guitarist. Join us on this exciting journey of learning and creativity, and take the first step towards becoming a professional guitarist with the added bonus of a free recording session at the end of each program.

  • Overview Of Scales

  • Scales Chords Relationship

  • Arpeggios

  • Playing Techniques

  • Learn to read tabs

  • Introduction to Improvisation

  • Recording in the Studio


24 weeks
Classes will be 2 days per week for 1 hours



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